The Eleventh Annual Third Grade Spelling Bee was held at Adams Jr. High School on March 18, 2010. The twenty-six participants earned their spot in the competition by winning their classroom contest and were awarded a “Spelling Bee” polo shirt and certificate. Family, friends and teachers cheered through more than eight rounds until the final two spellers remained. After several rounds of head-to-head competition, Mia Knupke and Karalyn Kennedy were awarded first and second place trophies.


Congratulations to the following Third Grade “Champs” for all the hard work and effort they put forth in preparing for the competition:


Hancock-Mrs. Cebull

Micaela Chavez

Madisyn McCarty


Hancock-Mr. Jonathan Smith

Anaz Ferrell

Shakye Porter


Jackson Learning Center-Mrs. Liz Shield

Brianldo Buford

Malci Rhodes


Mills-Mrs. Rose Ott

Karalyn Kennedy

Cara Neer


Mills-Mrs. Kellye Stephens

Bennett Jones

Gina Petrus


Ontario-Mrs. Anita Hampton

J’marshion Owens

Miracle Stookey


Ontario-Mrs. Heather Heck

Alexis Gant

Cordell Irby


Ontario-Mrs. Dawn Poggiali

Zavier Brown

Yolanda Zimmerman


Osborne-Mrs. Britt Hagemen

Hannah Hayberger

Sumerlyn Thomas


Osborne Mrs. Susan Roth

J Kariyon Clinton

Kendrick Scott, Jr.


Venice Heights-Mrs. Carol Albert

Jasity Keys-Knight

Mia Knupke


Venice Heights-Mrs. Alice Eddy

Melyna Rowe

Sadie Miller


Venice Heights-Mr. Dennis Iehle

Dustin Smith

Emily Taylor