Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Effective July 2011

According to Federal and State regulations, students receiving Financial Aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Financial Aid office at Sandusky Career Centerwill monitor a student’s academic progress as a condition of eligibility for Financial Aid. SanduskyCareerCenterwill review a student’s academic progress in a program at the end of each payment period to determine if a student is eligible for a subsequent Title IV payment (otherwise known as a Financial Aid disbursement). This evaluation takes place at the point when the student’s scheduled clock hours for the payment period have elapsed, regardless or whether the student attended the hours. A student is considered to be making SAP when the following requirements are satisfied:

1. Qualitative Standard (cumulative grade average) – Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade average of 70% or “C”.

2. Quantitative Standard – Pace of Progression – Students must complete a minimum of 90% of the possible clock hours each payment period.

Maximum Time Frame – Students must complete their program within 150% of the published length of the program as measured by clock hours and expressed in calendar time.
Example: A program is 1,200 hrs, 40 weeks long
40 weeks x 150% = 60 weeks maximum time frame

If a student meets SAP, they are considered to be “Financial Aid Eligible” and will receive the subsequent Financial Aid disbursements.

If a student does not meet SAP, the following applies:

1st violation – Students are sent a Financial Aid warning letter with a copy of the SAP policy.

2nd violation – Students are sent an “ineligible for aid” letter. Students can appeal the ineligibility, if there were mitigating circumstances, to be placed on Financial Aid probation.

Appeal Process
A student may appeal the suspension of Financial Aid eligibility based on mitigating circumstances (see definition of mitigating circumstances below). A SAP appeal form is available from the Financial Aid office.

Mitigating Circumstances
Mitigating circumstances are situations beyond the student’s control that created an undue hardship and caused the student’s inability to meet SAP standards.

Examples of mitigating circumstances include, but are not limited to: death of an immediate family member, injury to the student or an immediate family member or illness to the student or an immediate family member. Documentation for all circumstances must be provided. The following reasons DO NOT qualify as mitigating circumstances: difficulty of course, dislike of teacher or teaching method, immaturity and changing programs.

Appeal Decisions
All appeals will be reviewed by the Director of the Sandusky Career Center. The appeal decision is final and written notification of the decision will be delivered to the student. Appeal decisions will be one of the following:

1. Financial Aid Probation– An approved appeal places the student on “Financial Aid Probation”. The probation period is one period only and students MUST meet SAP standards at the conclusion of the probation period. Student’s progress will be reviewed at the conclusion of the assigned period. Failure to meet requirements will result in immediate cancellation of aid eligibility and future appeals may be denied.

2. Denied– Denial of the appeal will mean the student is not eligible for Financial Aid benefits.

If a student’s aid is terminated, other arrangements must be made to cover the remaining cost of the program or the student will be removed from the program.

If Financial Aid eligibility is lost, a student can regain eligibility. This can be done only by taking action that brings the student into compliance with both the qualitative (grade average of 70% (C) or better) and quantitative (90% attendance) components of the SAP policy.


An “I” (incomplete) may be awarded to a student at the end of a grading period due to illness or other unusual circumstances. Incomplete work must be made up in a reasonable time. This shall be arranged between the student and the Program Coordinator. The student is responsible for the completion of the tasks in the defined time limit. If work is not completed within the specified time, the student will be given an “F” on the material not completed.

Remedial Courses
Sandusky Career Center does not grant credit for remedial courses.

Transfer Credits
If the instructor/Program Coordinator or Admissions office decide to grant a student transfer hours from another institution, the hours will count towards their completion rate.

Repeated Credits

Repeated course work will count towards total hours completed.

Returning Students
If a student is reinstated to a program or transfers to a different program, their SAP status will follow. Financial Aid may not be available upon reinstatement or transfer, depending on previous academic progress. A student who is ineligible for aid will be responsible for paying all tuition/fees.
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